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Thank you for choosing uvBeast! We want to give you the highest levels of service. Therefore, please read the following conditions carefully and be sure to keep your original sales receipt for all warranty claims.

We provide warranty for our products for a period up to 1 year. Within the period covered under warranty, we will repair or replace any uvBeast LED product that has ceased to function properly. A valid purchase receipt or Order Number must be provided upon contact for warranty.


1.1 The warranty period covers defects in workmanship and functional operation

1.2 The warranty and the extended warranty are only valid if purchased through or our official "uvbeast" listings on major platforms (amazon, etc.). Any other third parties are not official, are not authorized and are ineligible for warranty

1.3 Warranty is provided only for products purchased from an authorized source, (as described previously)

1.4 Warranty does not apply in the following:

1.4.1 Failure or damage caused by artificial destruction, unauthorized modification or reconstruction.

1.4.2 Failure or damage caused by improper use, storage or maintenance

1.4.3 Damage caused by battery leakage.

1.4.4 Damage caused by improper maintenance

1.4.5 Ordinary wear and tear/color fading


2.1 For requests that fall under eligible warranty and extended warranty, contact, or fill out the "contact us" form on with the following information:

Your email should provide the following:

2.1.1 Purchaser full name
2.1.2 Your email address
2.1.3 Purchase date
2.1.4 Your order number (or warranty redemption code if provided by uvBeast)
2.1.5 Where the purchase was made
2.1.6 A brief description of the issue