uvBeast V3 365nm Filtered - Black Light UV Flashlight - Long Range

  • What UV wavelength is this?

  • Is the difference between the V3 385-395nm model and the V3 365nm ONLY the filter?

  • What's the difference between your 365nm and 385-395nm UV wavelength flashlights?

  • What are the distinguishing features of the V3 365nm model?

  • Why don't the 365nm models come with glasses?

  • Is this UV flashlight harmful?

  • What are the uses of this UV flashlight?

  • Is this a flood or spot beam?

  • How many watts is this? And is there a lumens rating like regular flashlights?

  • Do you provide support or assistance with this product after purchase?

Customer Reviews

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I’ll give it 5⭐️ but…

Great light! Well made. Had mine for a year or so. Main complaint is this thing is a battery hog and the batteries I got with it haven’t been lasting long while using the 365nM uvBeast and I use the extension for longer battery life. Am looking for a good replacement for the batteries I have at home(all my 18650). Will update when I find some and do field testing with them.

William Stefhon
uvBeast 365nm ultraviolet flashlight

first uv flashlight I've ever bought and used and it's awesome.

Leonel Beltier
Excellent Product

My order arrived quickly, much sooner than I expected.
I immediately opened it, removed the battery partitions and tried the light. I'm impressed at how well it works and happy with my purchase.

UV Beast V3 365 - Extremely Happy with Purchase

Amazing light with outstanding customer service, with ongoing support; You won’t regret this purchase.

Jeremiah Burkett

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm – FILTERED Ultraviolet - HIGH POWER and LONG RANGE Professional Grade 365nm Beam