uvBeast V3 385-390nm Black Light UV Flashlight - Long Range

  • What UV wavelength is this?

  • What's the difference between your 385-395nm and your 365nm UV wavelength flashlights?

  • What are the distinguishing features of the V3 385-395nm model?

  • What are the glasses for?

  • Is this UV flashlight harmful?

  • What are the uses of this UV flashlight?

  • Is this a flood or spot beam?

  • How many watts is this? And is there a lumens rating like regular flashlights?

  • Do you provide support or assistance with this product after purchase?

Customer Reviews

Based on 248 reviews
Janet McPhail
It’s a beast!

This is a powerful UV light.I use mine to find pet urine. I recommend it highly!

Matthew Clark
Great Light, Battery confusion

The light is absolutely incredible. By far the best light I have used. I wish the light came with a third battery, or it was explained that you need a 3rd battery to use the extension portion of the light. I'll be getting a third battery soon.

David Gray

Awesome black light and Best customer service I have seen! I had a problem with the first light. One battery and the charger were bad. After emailing them and describing problem. I was contacted and answered a couple more questions. They the sent me out a complete new light. It works better than I could believe on finding the tomato hornworms. The black lights we had in the past are thrown away! They are useless compared to the uvBeast Black Light V3! I have been recommending it to friends and family!

Marek Gasiorek
Best costumer service and warranty ever

Couldn’t be happier with this UV flashlight. I received one as a gift. It works so much better and Its so much stronger that one I used before( cheap Amazon uv light) On one of our gem hunting trips my charger failed. UVBeast took care of me right away. I would buy again in heart beat because they stand behind their product 100%

Mike Thompson

Great light does a fantastic job,,looking forward to get more