uvBeast V3 365nm Filtered - Black Light UV Flashlight - Long Range

  • What UV wavelength is this?

  • Is the difference between the V3 385-395nm model and the V3 365nm ONLY the filter?

  • What's the difference between your 365nm and 385-395nm UV wavelength flashlights?

  • What are the distinguishing features of the V3 365nm model?

  • Why don't the 365nm models come with glasses?

  • Is this UV flashlight harmful?

  • What are the uses of this UV flashlight?

  • Is this a flood or spot beam?

  • How many watts is this? And is there a lumens rating like regular flashlights?

  • Do you provide support or assistance with this product after purchase?

Customer Reviews

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Best affordable ultra violet portable light

Wonderful ultraviolet light that has a wide light range that works on minerals as well as the standard black light objects. Easy to recharge the battery. Great product, highly recommended.


Love this

Handheld UV Thrower

The 365nm version of the v3 certainly is a beast. Unlike more common 395nm lights, the 365nm produces strong flouresence in the materials it excites without significant areal illumination. Objects glow brightly in a dark field. And glow they do! Finding out what common household objects glow brightly, and wondering if it was intentional or an accident of manufacture is interesting. Bathroom 'spatter' is also interesting, although I believe most of this is from the Calcium Carbonate in the tapwater and not something more sinister. The kitchen is actually more horrifying!

The light itself is well made, heavy and solid. It runs easily 10-12 hours on a pair of 18650 cells (supplied). A third cell can be added in an extension tube to increase the lifetime (not the operating voltage of the led) but I haven't done that yet. Although the fun factor is high, I have also used it to help track down leaking water fixtures in the house, and coolant and oil leaks in my car. I even used it to help track a varmint which has taken up residence in my cellar.

With this much 365nm UV power and the evident quality of its construction at a very reasonable price this is a worthy addition to my (your) illumination arsenal. Now, do I take it on my upcoming road trip to pre-check motel rooms, or do I leave it behind and live in ignorance?

PS I had a delivery problem which uvBeast took care of with alacrity, and even generosity. I was pleased to see a small business run that way.

Great light for the money

You get a lot for your money . Solid Built and have any problems The company’s customer service is outstanding I would recommend this for anyone

This Light Shows SCARY Stuff!

If you don't see ghosts with this light, they don't exist! Lol!