uvBeast V3 365nm MINI Filtered - Black Light UV Flashlight - USB-C - Professional Grade

  • What UV wavelength is this?

  • What's the difference between your 365nm and 385-395nm UV wavelength flashlights?

  • What are the distinguishing features of the V3 365nm MINI model?

  • Why don't the 365nm models come with glasses?

  • Is this UV flashlight harmful?

  • What are the uses of this UV flashlight?

  • Is this a flood or spot beam?

  • How many watts is this? And is there a lumens rating like regular flashlights?

  • Do you provide support or assistance with this product after purchase?

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
Carl Allen
The uvBeast is a BEAST!

I love my uvBeast mini! Of all the applications/uses listed on the website, me and my friends are using the uvBeast for a different reason: Glow Disc Golf! The uvBeast works AMAZINGLY on glow tape and disc golf glow plastic. Me and my friends would love to be the first team sponsored by uvBeast! Our group now has three different uvBeast products and they ALL kick-butt! Thank you!

Shirley Niver
Finding more Yooperlites with this blacklight

We had a blacklight that would only pick up the orange Yooperlites. The UV Beast picks up everything!

Guy Gunion
Great product, takes some getting used to

I am still getting used to the intensity of the UV. I use for fluorescent dye checking.

Ian Condon
Uv flashlight

I ment to do a review before now. :) the light is everything that was written about it and more! It's built tough! Its been dropped a number of times and its never failed to turn on or show any signs of anything being wrong with it. I am very happy with my purchase of the light and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for one! I like it and I know my kids do also :) they love playing with it at night and in the dark. Very nice and well built uv light!

Eric Davis @ Oregon Coast Agates
Amazing uvBeast!

We at Oregon Coast Agates use these lights as often as we can on our coastal adventures! They are fascinating to use in sea caves, tide pool viewing, and for agate hunting! I highly recommend this light!