uvBeast V3 365nm MINI Filtered - Black Light UV Flashlight - USB-C - Professional Grade

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  • What UV wavelength is this?

  • What's the difference between your 365nm and 385-395nm UV wavelength flashlights?

  • What are the distinguishing features of the V3 365nm MINI model?

  • Why don't the 365nm models come with glasses?

  • Is this UV flashlight harmful?

  • What are the uses of this UV flashlight?

  • Is this a flood or spot beam?

  • How many watts is this? And is there a lumens rating like regular flashlights?

  • Do you provide support or assistance with this product after purchase?

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
James Patterson

This is a great UV light! Superbright UV, super NOT bright visible light! This baby REALLY lights up your driver’s license, passport, US and foreign currency (check out UK Pound notes with this!) and surprisingly, your energy-saving LED light bulbs. USB C charging is great. This is an excellent UV light, worth every penny.

Very impressed with its power.

I have yet to take it to the field, but in the collection room functions much better than anticipated. I will be getting the larger versions as well. I wish there was a shortwave version of this light.

Ben Seyller

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm MINI - FILTERED Ultraviolet - USB-C Quick charge Port - Professional Grade

Alonso R. Urrutia

Great product! ??????

Works great, not a product of the USA

I thought this was a product of the US, I feel uvBeast is being a little dishonest in calling it us stock and feel labeling should be clear. It was manufactured in China, and Designed by uvBeast where?As far as form and function it illuminates short wave uv reactive rocks and minerals well. It is a nice size with good battery life. No heat problems, but have not used it for extended time period. I will probably purchase yellow uv blocking glasses separately as it is rough on the eyes during short uses aimed away from the eyes.