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About UV Flashlights

How To Choose A UV Flashlight and What Makes Them Different

Is UV From a UV Flashlight Harmful To My Eyes?

After Sales Support - Troubleshooting, Where's My Stuff, Warranty etc.

Troubleshooting Your uvBeast Flashlight (100 LED Versions)

Troubleshooting the V3

How to use the 18650 Battery Charger (V3 Power Pack Edition)

What the O-rings in the Inner Packaging Are For?

What Are The UV Glasses For?

uvBeast Product User Manuals

Where's My Stuff

The Batteries Seem Stuck and I Can’t Remove Them (applies to the V3 model series)

Why Don’t the 365nm Models Come with Glasses?

I’d Like to Get a Third 18650 Battery. What are the Options? (applies to the V3 model series)

Is the Difference Between the V3 385-395nm Model and the V3 365nm ONLY the Filter?