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Great customer service

I use this light to examine fine art and the specific wavelength of this light makes my job much easier. I had a problem with the battery charge after about 10 months but customer service was excellent and sent me a replacement promptly.

Black Light

This blacklight is fantastic. A pup I was dog sitting for peed up my carpets. The uvBeast zeroed in immediately illuminating all areas that were urinated on . Great price, great customer service as well. Glad I picked this product out of all the ones I saw.

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 385-390nm Rechargeable 18650 Battery POWER PACK EDITION

Great Company/ Great Product

The UV beast 365 is an amazing product for the price and the customer service is excellent! They strive to make their customers satisfied. I highly recommend them for all your UV flashlight needs.

If you are getting it for cat urine be aware the sights you see may not be happy

We ordered this one based on the reviews for cat urine and it did the job. It was sadly very revealing.

Very powerful!

DO NOT point this at your face or anyone else's! It seems like it doesn't illuminate much until you hit molecules with absorption/emission lines in the visible spectrum and then BAM! The visible light filter is SO very helpful.

If you shine it on your skin (don't do it for too long) you can see your scars from long-past wounds, but then you can also feel the heat of the power it's actually putting out.

Say, you like buzz terms like "quantum leap"? Well when you use this device, you are seeing the "quantum leap" in action. Irradiation via UV light excites the molecule and (through a process I don't yet fully grasp) can cause an electron to jump to a higher shell, absorbing the amount of energy it takes for that jump in that particular molecule. This is a very unstable place for the electron to be, so it very quickly jumps back and emits a photon equivalent to the energy of that distance, and WALA! We get florescence! Now you're doing physics! :D

The UV Beast Mini flashlight

This is an awesome little flashlight. I Would recommend this product
too anyone.
The company is great if you have any problems with their product.
I am extremely satisfied.

Everything good so far. wish they sold the batteries.

so far so good. looking for uv reactive material on rocks, used it for cleaning (holy cow what a difference!), used for looking for uv dye, checking UV sensors (powder coating oven burner running nat' gas). So I do a lot of different kinds of repairs, and it has come in handy a few time's. I'm about to use it to cure some LOCA glue for a phone repair. I have the other range light as well and I'm just as happy with that one too.
The only thing I'm "not happy" about is not being able to buy additional batteries directly. I wanted to make them 3 cells on both lights I have messaged support, they wont sell me more. Just gave me all the specs required.

Great UV Flashlight

Super build quality. Excellent flashlight for antique glassware hunting.

Does what it's supposed to and backed by great customer service

Happy with the purchase. It’s so helpful to be able to use it when the room still has light. Customer service promptly dealt with a problem I had and I’m very happy with the product and service I received.

I use this light for glow disc golf, and it’s the best light out there.

Great light

Plenty of light. Things just jump out at you.


Light stopped working and Uvbeast had new one to me in couple days. Great service

Very Powerful UV Flashlight

This is our second UV Beast flashlight. We purchased the original Beast model about 3 years ago which was a significant improvement over some rather expensive restoration UV flashlights that we had previously used. We've had good success with the original model but were astounded by the performance of the V3 365nm version. It is very powerful and works well in well lit surroundings. The rechargeable feature is a welcome addition. If I had one suggestion for future models, I would like to see a charge indicator on the flashlight which I would pay extra for.

Best UV light

We love the light. We like the professional grade design and materials. We use it daily to detect urine and it's great for that.

Works too good

We have a cat that was recently diagnosed with FIP, one of his side effects is dementia that leaves him spraying in the house. The light absolutely works to identify ANYWHERE there is a pet “mess”. Another cat had cat flu and sneezed everywhere, the light identifies that “evidence” as well, allowing us to more thoroughly clean our house. We have glossy ceramic tiles in our bathrooms that we clean weekly. Unfortunately, the products we use to clean are also identified by the light, meaning our bathrooms look like a CSI murder scene. We’re still looking for a cleaner that doesn’t illuminate to keep our sanity.😂 the light works great!!

My uvBeast is awesome!

Thank you uvBeast, After recieveing my uvBeast I found my first yooper
rock in Brimley Michigan. I had been using a cheap uv flashlight from a
department store until I found out it won't work to find the rock's. I met
someone who told me I need a higher power uv light and recommended uvBeast. I love my uvBeast and will recommend it to others I meet on my
rock hunting journey. Thank you again!

Excellent customer service!!!!

Awesome little UV light, and great customer service/communication. Highly recommended.

Good UV Light

Output is bright and narrow band. Housing machining is OK. The thumb switch is toggle style, not momentary, and protected on two sides from inadvertent actuation by aluminum tabs that sit proud of the rubber switch cap. Whether the button is depressed far enough to 'click' or just enough to barely deform the rubber switch cap, the light state will toggle on/off (!). There is no way to 'lock' the light with, e.g. a quick double-press of the button or by any other means short of battery removal or reinstalling an insulating disk that is used during shipping to avoid the risk of running the battery dead by inadvertently switching the light on. This is my main issue with the uvBeast MiniV3, otherwise this light performs well.


I tested the uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight 100 LED V1 Flood Effect in a fairly bright room and it showed everything. Impressive!

Amazing company & product

Superior craftsmanship & quality! Great product !! & customer service was the best when unfortunately a flashlight arrived with a battery problem, they immediately replaced. Big Thank You !! Very appreciative !

Powerful little light!

The light itself is absolutely awesome. I'm a level 3 NDT for an aerospace manufacturer and the UV-A lights we use for fluorescent penetrant inspection cost thousands of dollars. This little light operates at the same spectrum (365nm) and is surprisingly bright for it's price. My only complaint is the red cap for the charging port. It doesn't actually snap in to cover the port, it just flaps around but overall happy with the performance and price!