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Awesome light

So worth the extra investment to have a light that picks out what we're looking for.

Customer service is very responsive and helpful too ❗

Hands down the BEST!

We have bought other lights and none of the compare to the UVBeast! Beyond happy with it and the customer service was above and beyond for just a small minor detail on one light that had nothing to do with the way it worked. We have recommended these lights to others to purchase. We will keep buying them!


Always wanted a more powerful black light and when I ran across their ad on IG I had grab one.

The flashlight is well-made and solid. You're not going to get all that purple light from the weaker varieties. They also send an e-guide with tons of information not only on the flashlight but on UV in general. I also will be ordering the larger form factor because fun.

Caution: They don't ship to PO boxes. So if you have one, I don't recommend using the post offices physical address. I did, and my post office lost the package even though my name and PO box were on the address. There's nothing USPS can do without a USPS tracking no. I'm sure in a a year or two, they'll finally find it, but regardless, I had to reorder the flashlight 😢.

Amazing light

This light is awesome! It has great range and sure makes things "glow" they just jump out at you! A world apart from all the junk lights I've wasted so much money on.

Best UV light on market

As a nature photographer, I always want a best uv light which should provide perfect uv ray or you can say 365nm light. And this one just awesome.

I don’t ever review

Either the product is good I keep if it is bad I return.

Great UV light

I love the UV 100 flashlight to look for pest urine stains to ensure total cleanup. Great UV flashlight for a great value.

Seb, in Customer Service was just fantastic to work with a part replacement. Very happy customer! Dan

Truly the beast of UV lights

I purchased a UV Beast on the personal recommendation of a friend and from checking out the reviews. To say this light is miles above the rest is an understatement. The level of detail provided to ensure I had a positive experience was amazing and the performance of this product outpaces the competition easily.

If you're looking for a well built, high performance UV flashlight do not hesitate to purchase a UV Beast and see the results yourself.

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm – FILTERED Ultraviolet - HIGH POWER and LONG RANGE Professional Grade 365nm Beam

UV Beast V3 365nm-Black light

I bought this for lapidary purposes. I have used inexpensive black light for a couple of years, and decided to go with something much nicer. This opened up a whole new world to me, and it will show the fluorescence even in bright light which is important to me at my shows. Very happy.

Pretty awesome

It seems well made and thought out, comes with everything you need.
The light is very bright and has proven useful in many more activities than anticipated. Now a trusty tool in the toolbox of life either for leak detection, mineral reactivity, or a number of things this light is powerful.
I do wish they sold 4 packs of the 18650 batteries provided so I could buy one 4 pack and put the extender on and have 3 battery power twice, but they make this easy to do buying batteries elsewhere.

UV Beast

I am satisfied with the UVBeast, the quality is great and it works like it was subscribed, love it, thanks for good service and fast responce,


Good product, You cover plenty of information…. HOW ABOUT HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO CHARGE THE BATTERIES???

Don’t buy

Bought one thing and now I get 10 emails a week asking me to do shit and there’s no way to unsubscribe.

Good, strong beam--when it turns on

Overall, I like this UV light. It puts out a strong beam and shows details in my minerals I hadn't noticed before. I like the filter that cuts down white light.
I have a small problem with turning it on. When I click twice, it will not turn on. I screw off the LED end, screw it back on, and the light turns on. I have no problem after that.
I am willing to put up with this idiosyncrasy because the light really does work well.


Hola, necesito V2 porfavor!
Hacen envios a chile? Y como lo hago?

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm MINI - FILTERED Ultraviolet - USB-C Charge Port - Professional Grade

Night Disc Golf

Works great for night discing. Fits perfectly in my pocket

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm MINI - FILTERED Ultraviolet - USB-C Charge Port - Professional Grade

This Mini, is a Beast!!

I love my mini!, and the Beast company! I actually won this at a digging Event in the Colorado Springs area! I already have a big Beast U.V. light, and love that one too! I love that the Mini is rechargeable and small enough to fit in a bigger pocket! I had a great time watching scorpions at night! Highly recommend! Oh and, this Beast comes with everything, changing Cord and Box! Plug in and have fun!!!