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Awesome!!! Little UV beast

Wow!!! For a compact UV this little guy is a must have for the simple fact it can fit most in any pocket or bag. You won't hesitate twice to carry with you? Whereas a large bulky light you may think twice about taking with you? Especially nice when and if you're at geological Diamond and Gem show to see the fluorescent rocks/minerals. I had mine at street fair recently and I just whipped it out of my pocket and checked some stones for their fluorescent properties. Wow!!! Did I say wow!!! I meant WOWSER!!! A HAPPY CAMPER I WAS TO BE ABLE TO CONVENIENTLY PULL IT FROM MY POCKET.

It’s a beast!

This is a powerful UV light.I use mine to find pet urine. I recommend it highly!

Superior Technology%21%21

I have other 365nm flashlights and the UVBeast is by far a superior product%21%21%21 Don’t waste your money on the rest%2C buy the best%21%21 UVBeast for the win. YouTube video placeholder
Exponentially better than any other blacklight

This blacklight shows more than any other blacklight I've seen. You will spend alsevererap times as much to even get close to this quality with another company. This has brought out light and detail in art pieces that have grossly increased their value beyond the initial investment cost of this flashlight 11/10 could not do better.


This little UV light is far better than any other I’ve tried. I picked it up after using my V3 365nm and realizing I needed a smaller unit for mobility.

Best UV Light and Company on the market!

Absolutely phenomenal product and customer service. After receiving my V3 365 NM flashlight, I was immediately satisfied with the quality of the light. Unfortunately after having it for a few weeks I had a malfunction in the field and my power button stopped working. I contacted UVbeast customer support and they not only responded, but had my issue resolved and a new light on the way, free of charge, within an hour of my initial email. They even let me keep my original light incase I need spare parts for my new one. Customer service of this quality is a rare commodity these days and when I encounter it, I have nothing but praise. I will only recommend and use UVbeast for all my UV needs for the rest of my life. THANK YOU UVBEAST AND ESPECIALLY THANK YOU SEB FOR THE EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! ALSO THANK YOU TO KURT FROM 'RHA' FOR THE ORIGINAL REFERRAL TO THIS GREAT COMPANY!


The flashlight is great to find oils leaks, and always fast friendly service.

No other compares

UV Beast know their UV lights. You won't be disappointed with your purchase!

Mini UVBeast

It is a great little UV flashlight. Very handy to use. I am glad I purchased it. Rechargeable USB-C port is a real plus. I used it to find a sewage pipe water leak.

Incredible Product!

What an excellent tool for science. So many uses. Really enjoying discovering all the normally un-seen UV reflective materials, substances and things of the natural world. A great way to extend your senses. Looking forward to buying now a V3 365nm to see what it can do. Much fun.

Best UV light!

This is the best UV light I have used! It works very well in ambient light and shows up dyes for leak detection very well. I would recommend this light to professionals and everyone else that has a use for UV detection!

Great product! Great service!

I discovered a problem one week from the warrantee expiry, the unit promptly replaced.

Great Light, Battery confusion

The light is absolutely incredible. By far the best light I have used. I wish the light came with a third battery, or it was explained that you need a 3rd battery to use the extension portion of the light. I'll be getting a third battery soon.

Solid Product

Well constructed and absolutely preforms as advertised.

Trusty and powerful light

Amazing power and throw distance. You won’t be disappointed.

Strong light and compact

I like the portability & absence of external charger. I'm not sure why there needs to be a visibly bright center, but it is no bother with regard to the brightness that fluorescent material exhibits, and except for close-up use, it is not noticeable. Great little light, and I recommend it to friends.

Awesome black light and Best customer service I have seen! I had a problem with the first light. One battery and the charger were bad. After emailing them and describing problem. I was contacted and answered a couple more questions. They the sent me out a complete new light. It works better than I could believe on finding the tomato hornworms. The black lights we had in the past are thrown away! They are useless compared to the uvBeast Black Light V3! I have been recommending it to friends and family!


This light has seriously helped me find more golf balls. My previous best was around 80 with conventional lighting. With the UV Beast I have found 99, 133, and 238!! Very happy. It does the looking for you. I find many ivwould have overlooked before. Huge improvement!

Best costumer service and warranty ever

Couldn’t be happier with this UV flashlight. I received one as a gift. It works so much better and Its so much stronger that one I used before( cheap Amazon uv light) On one of our gem hunting trips my charger failed. UVBeast took care of me right away. I would buy again in heart beat because they stand behind their product 100%

Great company!

Thank you uvBeast! Had an issue with my light and it was handled immediately. Great job!


Great light does a fantastic job,,looking forward to get more

The One UV Light to Rule them All

This is a very powerful UV light. That out performs nearly all UV lights that cost $300-$500.. I own one of those $500 UV lights. And I’m ashamed to say that I actually even purchased it because this UV beast makes the $500 UV light look like in performs like a child’s toy.,
UV beast is definitely in the professional realm of UV fluorescent dye leak detection.

Tom Lech