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UV Beast

Great light, excellent battery life, great all around flashlight. Only con with the light is the weight. It weighs considerably more then the Convoy C8. I will definitely be sticking with UV Beast though, the customer service from UV Beast is far superior over everyone else. Keep up the great work.

Great Product

It works real well for the reason I purchased.
I would definitely recommend your products to others.
(Great Quality)

Awesome light!!

This is actually my second uvBeast light. My first one quit working after about a month. I contacted uvBeast and by the next day they had a new one on the way. I use the light for glow disc golf and it’s amazing!! The light and customer service is top notch!!

A Great Flashlight

These are the BEST for UV paint illumination, glow in the dark items, nature walks at night and other Cool things to look at, but they also show everything you might not want to see; they are that Good.

Amazing results for art conservators

With the V3 365nm I was able to visualize overpaints, fungi, varnishes and identify pigments with such an ease I've never experienced before. A real improvement for work!

The Beast

Great value weather for personal or personal use. It's a buy.
I'm a real person and I have never had any interaction with this company.

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm MINI - FILTERED Ultraviolet - USB-C Quick charge Port - Professional Grade

uvBeast V3 365nm MINI review

This is a quality UV flashlight, based on its compact size and minimal battery costs, however, I would compare it to the full-size uvBeast flashlight like this: if the Beast is the Boeing 777 of UV flashlights, then the mini is the smaller but reliable 737. Go with the luxurious and spacious777 airliner if you are only going to buy one UV flashlight to meet your needs..


The UV Flashlight worked better than anything we have tried. It is a convent size and shape to fit our inspectors backpack.

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 385-390nm Rechargeable 18650 Battery POWER PACK EDITION

Great product - Good service

I purchased the Beast V3 for scorpion hunting.
Where I live in AZ scorpions are like the Russian army invading Ukrain. I need weapons! The Beast V3 gives me the advantage to find them and eliminate them. I had a 50 led light that washed a shallow area but did not have intensity.
The Beast has a light quality that makes them glow far more intensely from much farther away. Perfect!

When I received my V3, it was exactly the quality I was hoping for. If you own a good metal case flash light like a Coast, the V3 construction will be familiar to you. Well machined case, sturdy, weighty…quality construction.

So what happens if something is wrong with the product? I found out. My light came. I followed instruction to charge the batteries.
When I tried it out…nothing. Wouldn’t turn on.
Web site has a simple trouble shooting tutorial I easily followed…nothing.
So, on a Saturday, I wrote an e mail to the company per the instructions on the web site.
Got a personal reply…on Sunday! 😮
They were sending me a new light right away.
Got it on Tuesday. 😊

Used it a few times but it’s not scorpion season just yet…bring it you little bastards! I’ve never been more ready!
Thanks Beast!

Great light

You can see everything with this powerful light

Nice light.

I was looking for a small but powerful uv light, and believe I found the right one. Also customer service seems to be the best you'll find which is really nice for peace of mind when ordering something through the mail. I'm very pleased with this product and thankful to have made this decision, since I could've tried one from overseas for a few dollars less. It appears to be this company is trying to make the best balanced product for performance vs cost. 👍

UV Beast 365nm mini

Rugged construction, excellent light output and easy recharge. The only possibly negative is that the beam is a bit more focused than I would like compared to some other units I have. I also have the BEAST that I use for night hunting, and I LOVE it.

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 385-390nm Rechargeable 18650 Battery POWER PACK EDITION

Treatment of eczema (atopic dermatitis)

I plan on using this model to administer UVA-1 radiation to a patient with severe atopic dermatitis that has not responded to monoclonal antibodies. It is be a kind of "spot welding" to particularly pruritic (itchy) regions of the skin, not whole body radiation of course. We'll see what happens.
Physician of Internal Medicine..

Awesome power

Got the UV beast V3 for use to light up glow discs for nightime disc golf. This UV flashlight is awesome. It’s so fast and so powerful that it will flash discs from many meters away. !’ve used it for ovef 10 rounds already and still on the first charge. So far I’m really happy with it!

narrow field but intense power!

this doesn't cover the widest square footage, but it is very bright.

My UV Light Experience

First of all I want to say how pleased I am with the fast response. I was preparing for battle but to my surprise you stood behind your product and took immediate actions to replace my faulty light. As for the light, I am very pleased with its performance. I primarily use it to identify rock chip damage to vehicle paint that would not show up under normal lighting conditions. I love the light and I love the outstanding customer support. I will gladly recommend you to others who have a need for your products. Thank you for not stressing me out!


Awesome light

Overall the product is fantastic. The light is nice and bright and can be seen even in bright daylight. The quality if the flashlight is very nice. My only complaint is the supplied battery charger is very low quality. It is made from cheap plastic that feels like it's going to break just from looking at it. The supplied batteries are larger than AAs so if the charger breaks, the light is useless. I would recommend buying a spare charger with the light just in case.

I love this light.

I scoured my bathroom top to bottom. My daughter (who owns the UV light) asked if I felt up to the challenge of inspection. Holy mackerel! It is really fun to go out at night and find bugs and worms.


Great light and even better service. I can’t recommend uvBeast enough. Thanks Seb!!