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uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm – FILTERED Ultraviolet - HIGH POWER and LONG RANGE Professional Grade 365nm Beam

Best customer support

Had defective unit that was replaced site unseen after performing 4 step diagnostics.

Uv beast

It is great I love it. Now I can stand up and walk to hunt my gems instead of getting on my hands and knees.

Great flashlight!

Perfect for winter disc golf! Makes my glow tape and some of my discs glow in the woods, in the dark, under leaves, from 50 yards away! Great time saver!


I ordered this literally yesterday off Amazon !!
I’m impressed buy the quality and how much stuff I can see
Don’t mind the toilets!! Lol no one would ever know this unless you had a uv light!!
Worth the money !!!

It’s pretty good

Not a bad light. It gets a little warm but then it’s UV so its gonna get a little warm. It doesn’t really throw a great beam outside at night but it works for what I need which is mainly gemstones. Overall I would recommend this light. I’ve never had one before so I have nothing to compare it to but it’s a very sturdy light and the batteries last a good while.

I can see clearly now…

Phenomenal powerful ultraviolet beam you recharge and has a battery extension if needed. Fantastic information is given about black light and many ways to use the blacklight. Excellent customer service if needed.

Excellent customer service

My original order arrived within 24 hours from Amazon, but unfortunately it had a broken lens. I contacted the company and submitted some verification photos and had another flashlight shipped out immediately. Well done?

The uvBeast is a BEAST!

I love my uvBeast mini! Of all the applications/uses listed on the website, me and my friends are using the uvBeast for a different reason: Glow Disc Golf! The uvBeast works AMAZINGLY on glow tape and disc golf glow plastic. Me and my friends would love to be the first team sponsored by uvBeast! Our group now has three different uvBeast products and they ALL kick-butt! Thank you!

Great UV flashlight buut..

This great for the trail, amateur lab stuff, uv painting. Although it would be great if it had a usb-c charger. That's all. Thanks!

Finding more Yooperlites with this blacklight

We had a blacklight that would only pick up the orange Yooperlites. The UV Beast picks up everything!

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm – FILTERED Ultraviolet - HIGH POWER and LONG RANGE Professional Grade 365nm Beam

Great Customer Service!

The V3 model contains three batteries; whereas the competition only handles two batteries. And customer service was excellent. Very responsive + super fast shipping. Found this rock in landscaping gravel, using the V3 light.


First time charging batteries, the charger started smoking and showing signs of being possessed. Asked if this was normal, and was given the response of, "here is a whole new box. Oh, and by the way, keep what works."
Above and beyond customer service.

uvBeast is as advertised!

uvBeast Black Light is a high performer. The combination of high intensity and filtering out of the visible light make for awesome contrast. Unit is well engineered and rock solid. I'm 110% pleased with the uvBeast!

The charging module had a dead slot. I opened the unit up and soldered the lose wire (not connected to the negative post) from the dead slot and improved a few solder points on the PCBA and now it works just fine.


Wow!!! I mean seriously WOW…I have scorpions and 4 dogs. The little buggers (scorpions) have never been so easy to find as well as all the places my dogs pee. Almost wish I hadn’t bought this. Ignorance can be bliss, not anymore! The fantastic aspect of this light is the focused UV rather than the carpet bomb approach of ALL other UVs I’ve had. Not to mention the quality of this beast is AMAZING…..You won’t be disappointed, well that is if you’re ready for what you see..!

Great product, takes some getting used to

I am still getting used to the intensity of the UV. I use for fluorescent dye checking.

Fantastic torch

Love the V3! I like it so much I bought it's little brother. This has opened up my photography immensely.

Best LW Source

Very impressed with its high output. No need to turn room lights off to see my fluorescent minerals. Really makes the fluorescents pop with bright colors, much more than a weak 390nm falshlight. Highly recommend.

Exactly what I wanted

Not too much purple light flooding what I'm trying to look at and the batteries are reliable and have never died on me after a full charge. The only thing is that it does get hot after awhile but that speaks to the quality of it more than anything.

Uv flashlight

I ment to do a review before now. :) the light is everything that was written about it and more! It's built tough! Its been dropped a number of times and its never failed to turn on or show any signs of anything being wrong with it. I am very happy with my purchase of the light and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for one! I like it and I know my kids do also :) they love playing with it at night and in the dark. Very nice and well built uv light!