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Awesome Product, Awesome Company

Normally I would expect to pay at least twice as much for a UV light of this quality. It's built out of the highest quality materials, and will last a long, long time. Also, customer service is top notch. If there are any questions or concerns, just email them, and in most cases you will get a response within just a few hours. Also, if you get a response from Seb, I can guarantee that he will solve whatever issue that you may have. I highly recommend the company and their products to anyone who is in the market for a great UV light.

Best affordable ultra violet portable light

Wonderful ultraviolet light that has a wide light range that works on minerals as well as the standard black light objects. Easy to recharge the battery. Great product, highly recommended.

Great flashlight! A big hit at the glow party.

I have several UV/Blacklight flashlights, but this one outshines the others hands-down. It’s super bright and made the neon costumes and decorations glow brightly. It feels solid and I look forward to using it for years to come. I’ve even begun to take some UV photos of plants and critters in my yard. FYI, centipedes glow like crazy with this flashlight!


The best uv light I've ever used! PERIOD. I'm convinced every other "blacklight" I've ever used was a rip off now!

Handheld UV Thrower

The 365nm version of the v3 certainly is a beast. Unlike more common 395nm lights, the 365nm produces strong flouresence in the materials it excites without significant areal illumination. Objects glow brightly in a dark field. And glow they do! Finding out what common household objects glow brightly, and wondering if it was intentional or an accident of manufacture is interesting. Bathroom 'spatter' is also interesting, although I believe most of this is from the Calcium Carbonate in the tapwater and not something more sinister. The kitchen is actually more horrifying!

The light itself is well made, heavy and solid. It runs easily 10-12 hours on a pair of 18650 cells (supplied). A third cell can be added in an extension tube to increase the lifetime (not the operating voltage of the led) but I haven't done that yet. Although the fun factor is high, I have also used it to help track down leaking water fixtures in the house, and coolant and oil leaks in my car. I even used it to help track a varmint which has taken up residence in my cellar.

With this much 365nm UV power and the evident quality of its construction at a very reasonable price this is a worthy addition to my (your) illumination arsenal. Now, do I take it on my upcoming road trip to pre-check motel rooms, or do I leave it behind and live in ignorance?

PS I had a delivery problem which uvBeast took care of with alacrity, and even generosity. I was pleased to see a small business run that way.

Great light for the money

You get a lot for your money . Solid Built and have any problems The company’s customer service is outstanding I would recommend this for anyone

This Light Shows SCARY Stuff!

If you don't see ghosts with this light, they don't exist! Lol!

Black Lights Matter

The uvBeast was even more than I was hoping for. I can't wait till the weather warms and I can take it to the field, but in the meantime I have been practicing with it around and in my home.
The uvBeast not only fulfills its promise, the flashlight is quality built and I'm certain I will be using it for a long, long time. Customer support is fantabulous!
If you are wanting a quality black light, this is the one you need, hands down.

Powerful light and great customer service

I was looking for something high power and rechargeable. The batteries lasted for hours on a single charge and I could spot scorpions in the desert 20 feet away. The beam is concentrated. At 30 feet, the brightest part is 2-3 feet in diameter. First I was concerned that a more dispersed beam would be better for my needs, but it's bright enough that even the periphery of the beam illuminates things at a distance. The bright part provided enough light to pick my way through rough terrain. The first light I received stopped working after about 10 seconds. I contact the manufacturer through their website. They shipped a replacement the same day and that one has been working great. It has an option to add a third battery but I didn't try it as it meets my needs with just two batteries and is easier to carry. My one concern is with the included charger. The batteries tend to pop out during charging. It's easy enough to use a rubber band or other improvised system to keep the batteries securely in the charger, but a redesign of the charger would be a better solution.

Uvbeast v3 365nm

It's great for what it can do! Could be slightly brighter but works great!

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm MINI - FILTERED Ultraviolet - USB-C Quick charge Port - Professional Grade

Very Satisfied!!

Great flashlight and great buying experience! Recommend to anyone who hunts fluorescent minerals. Works great!

Most Awesome UV Flashlight

We have a few different UV flashlights but this Beast V3 - is a Beast!! The first time we used the Beast along with another brand, we knew instantly that we needed another one! It's just too great to share. It is so much brighter than other brands, the scorpions can't hide from this Beast! Batteries last a good 5 to 6 hours and being rechargeable batteries is a huge plus! This Beast UV V3 Flashlight is 100% recommended!!

Good, but not right wave length for most rocks.

It is a well built bright UV light.
Even though reviews said it was good for rocks it doesn't work well it is not the best frequency for most rocks.

Hefty, Powerful UV Flashlight. Best I've found!

This UV light won't disappoint! Powerful beam. Easily illuminates things across the room. Comes with a host of add-ons. Cures resin fast. Batteries last literally hours. I love that it comes with rechargeable Lithium batteries and extender allows adding another battery for even longer life. I'm using it for condo inspection after occupancy, both for leaks and stains. Customer support are the best I've encountered in years. VERY responsive. Easily worth the price. Don't waste your money on other brands.

uvBeast Products are Impressive

I have every UV flashlights uvBeast produces, and my last purchase was UV Flashlight V3 385-390nm. I cannot emphasize enough about quality and performance of the UV Flashlight V3 385-390nm since it has everything I need such as brightness, flooding light with wide angel, and using for distance. The product is well built and easy to recharge, and the customer service is outstanding.

Best quality ultraviolet flashlight

I had my for almost 2 years and just recently replace it with another, best bang for your bucks. Stop wasting money on cheap ones that barely last a month and used some much batteries, make your money worth it.

Customer service

Incredible customer service. There was an initial minor mixup with the 395 nm UV beast sent instead of the 365 nm. They investigated it, and more than made it right. So far couldn’t be more impressed with the professionalism and quality products from this company.

Outstanding Item

Use this for leak checking jet engines and it is the best light I have seen on the market

Great product

This was the fourth UV Beast I have purchased. The others were different models but all of good quality and performed as advertised.

This thing is a BEAST!

This thing really is a BEAST! We have dealt with plenty of UV lights in the past and this blows all the competition away. I was hesitant when spending 3x the price for an average flashlight, but you really get 10x the quality. I am unsure on the durability at the moment as we purchased a few weeks ago. It feels sturdy. Battery packs are average plastic build. The connections inside look clean and switch seems to be built well. O rings are all intact, and it comes with an extra couple in the box.

If you NEED one that WORKS, this is a good bet!

The best UV Flashlight I have ever seen

The brightness and quality of this UV flashlight is superb. The detail it reveals with its 365nm filtering is amazing and extremely detailed. I have personally used it to detect water leaks and chemical splatter and it works like a charm.

The extender it comes with allows for a third battery to increase run time. The fact that it uses lithium rechargeable batteries is also ideal. With three batteries it lasts for a considerable amount of time in my experience. Far longer than other UV flashlights on the market.

The brightness is not quite as powerful as their 385nm version, but is still considerable and for me at least, the increased high definition clarity is worth it.

All in all, I highly recommend the uvBeast 365nm flashlight for professional or even hobbyist use.