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Best around

Love these people! Super fast shipping and best uv light I seen!
I recommend this to everyone!


I have purchased several of their products for various reasons and have loved them all!
I recommend uvbeast to everyone I meet!

Great lights

Wow these lights are amazing! I like to look for Michigan glow stones at night and these lights are amazing for doing so!!!

Outstanding light and after service

This is my second light from them, the first one suddenly started having an issue about a year of use. I messaged the company and instantly got a response and went over some basic trouble shooting.. battery charged, yes or no, charging the battery in the light itself, and without hesitation I was sent a new light and told to keep the old one this was after a year!! This is an awesome company that backs up and takes care of you and their products. Any other uv light I will be sure purchase from them.

The ONLY UV flashlight you will ever need!

Love this light! Truly the best that I have ever used! I love going rockhounding and the fluorescence this produces when aimed at Franklite, Zincite Calcite and other florescent minerals is exceptional!

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm – FILTERED Ultraviolet - HIGH POWER and LONG RANGE Professional Grade 365nm Beam

Great light

I bought to look for fluorescent minerals and love the the way it works. Receiving the emails newsletters giving other uses is great

A wonderful device and even better customer service

I got this for my son to look for Vaseline glass in thrift stores that fluoresces under UV light. He had a UV flashlight that had to be within a foot or so to notice anything. This aptly named beast sweeps aisles and things pop 12 feet away. Dang, it is bright.

Or it was. After a day, it quit working. We did all the troubleshooting to no avail. Batteries showed charged. Just dead. So I contacted uvBeast, and they verified my troubleshooting and then said they would send a replacement. It came on a Sunday.

By the way, they don't seem to promote it, but it comes with an extender so you can use 3 batteries. Brilliant and highly recommended. I love these guys.

These things rock!

I have both versions of the V3 and really like them both.
Fast shipping, and great support.


Quality customer service,with real people at their end.

11/10 would blind my self again!!!!

Practical with excellent quality and results

First time owning a UV flashlight but I did a lot of research to find the right one. I bought it to go scorpion hunting so I was looking for a portable and rechargable-battery flashlight and this was the perfect one. Excellent - heavy & sturdy - quality unlike some I saw at my local hardware store that were mostly plastic not to mention that they needed a bunch of AA batteries. Light is perfect and scorpions truly stand out from everything else. This flashlight harges fast and so far has kept the charge enough for me to explore the outdoors during the hunt. In summary, fantastic product plus excellent customer service and super fast shipping - highly recommend!

Very good piece of equipment. Almost too good.

Great performance, the only reason I am giving it a 4 star is probably for my own mistake. Probably should have got the wider angle beam for what I use it for.

uvBeast Rocks

My rock hunting partner Al bought one and the light show on his collection knocked my socks off, so I bought one for myself. I brought it over to the house of another rock hunting partner after we collected opalized wood. The greens and oranges were astonishing. We checked out the rocks in her backyard the reds from the calcite were so shocking that I fell in her swimming pool. In February. Wearing a wool coat. I survived and bought her one as as a birthday present.

Totally worth it

I use this light to inspect parts of a warehouse and packing material for rat urine etc. This beats my bosses giant 32 led black light spotlight in every way. Love that it's usbc and removable and replaceable 18650 battery. There are some really good ones out there. I actually use this other places outside of work like when I was looking to rent a room. I used it to inspect the carpet, bed, rugs, bathroom, etc. of the rooms I was looking at... Needless to say I'm thankful I had this light.

365nm mini

Just loving it and wow the power this mini pack is way more than i expected going to order one more for my brother think it's a perfect gift for someone if you can't think of what to give all in all money well spent and the care and support that the people that's at the company i joined is great !!!!!!!

Best light.

Good spread of light. Powerful. Do not need to be near subject to light it up. Serious 365nm filter on the front.

works awesome

Havin ALOT of fun with this UV flashlight in our local abandoned mines. very bright and very fun to use.

Worth it

This mini UV light is powerful and compact. Unlike other UV/black lights that wash over everything, it’s amazing how dim this light is until it shines on white/fluorescent colors, then it’s strikingly brilliant
Customer service is top tier. I had a problem with the UV light and contacted the producer. Talking with an actual person that listens, helps troubleshoot, no nonsense replaced, and kept me up to date every step is so refreshing these days.

UV Flashlight V3 365nm

We have been using this flashlight for a few days now for curing UV glue and I am very happy with the high power that it provides! We needed a high power light source because some of our prototypes need a transparent plate on top of parts that need to be glued. The cover plates seem to filter enough UV to make low-power light sources to be inefficient in curing the glue. uvBeast seem to blast through the cover plates and provides enough power to effectively work for our application. We are very happy with the performance!

All three UV ultraviolet lights

I really love all three of my new uvbeast flashlights especially my three battery 365nm long range.

Quality unit!

This UV light does everything described! I had a small problem which uvBeast took care of right away, and this light throws a high-quality uniform intense 365nm beam on your subject, and there is very little visible light because of the short-pass UV filter. Everything - especially paper - lights up with this flashlight.