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The best one yet!

I have had nothing but great and memorable experiences with this particular light! We use these primarily for exploring sea caves and tide pools, as well as agate and fossil hunting on the Oregon Coast!

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uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight

It is bright. I am very happy with this flashlight.

Amazing uvBeast!

We at Oregon Coast Agates use these lights as often as we can on our coastal adventures! They are fascinating to use in sea caves, tide pool viewing, and for agate hunting! I highly recommend this light!

Best Black Light Ever!

I picked a couple of these up for looking for Yooperlite. They work pretty well but if you are not new to the hunt I would recommend getting the larger versions. The mini works for a beginner like me. Buyer beware, works so well that I do not recomend using it in any bathroom or kitchen unless you really feel like scrubbing the day away. This light reveals EVERYTHING.

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 385-390nm Rechargeable 18650 Battery POWER PACK EDITION

Power ON Issue

More than 3/4 of them time it doesn’t turn on.
It’ll take a few clicks before it does.

very professional quality light

Light lasts a reasonable time on a charge and then recharges quickly. Nicely balanced so very comfortable in my hand. Powerful with good range and almost no visible light, all UV 365NM.
Exactly as advertised.

Lit up dog accidents like crazy

I bought this to see if the dog had had any accidents. It made even tiny spots glow brightly. I’m very happy with this light and I would highly recommend it.

Great light with better customer service!

I bought my first light to go find “Yooperlites” and liked it so much I also bought a “mini. Well, my mini was looking like it was not going to arrive in time for vacation. UvBeast contacted me to inform me of that. In order to make sure I had something to take on vacation, they offered to over night a different light to make sure I all set for vacation. In the end my Mini arrived the day before vacation. This was the best customer service I have ever had! Well done UvBeast!

Powerful but could have more options

The UV quality is undeniably good but the beam is slightly too narrow, if the focus could be adjusted for high coverage that would be great!

What an awesome tool!

I can see scorpions in the desert from 30 feet away with this thing. It does not get hot like other high powered flashlights, warm maybe, but not hot. Using the 385-390 I have enough visible light to walk around the desert without needing to turn on a flashlight. I'd be interested in seeing if I could do that with the 365 nm model. The light did hurt my eyes a bit, I suspect that's why they included the safety glasses, I didn't think I would need them. My eyes are a bit more sensitive than most people though, so take that into consideration.

Great Blacklight, Great customer service!

Best blacklight I have used. 365NM makes florescent rocks GLOW BRIGHT! Also great customer service. I own 3.

UV3 Beast Black Light

We have 2 other lights, but also have 2 UV3 Beast lights and they are awesome and we use these about 98% of the time lucking for FS Rocks mostly.

UV Beast is very well built and does the most fantastic job and easy to hold onto and comes with an additional body piece that you can add a 3rd battery.

uvBeast Black Light UV Flashlight V3 365nm MINI - FILTERED Ultraviolet - USB-C Quick charge Port - Professional Grade

Good product!

Product good, im satisfied! But need hard case for flashlight.

Great Light and Service!

I bought this light for my uranium glass collecting since I wanted a light in 365nm that would be small enough to fit in my pocket and be rechargeable. I received and used it a few times, but unfortunately it started having some issues. I reached out to customer service and they replied quickly and attentively to see if we could diagnose whether this was user error or an issue with the light. In the end, they replaced it for me and I've had no issues since! I'm very happy with the light itself and with the level of customer service that I received.

I love them so much I just keep buying them lol.

These are the best of the best when it comes to UV lights. I absolutely love them and I recommend them to everyone.

Happier than I thought I would be.

Bought this light because I didn't want to spend $200 plus for a light for my carpet cleaning business. Was hoping for decent results. What I got was way more than I expected. First customer service was great. Responded quickly and gave advise on the right light for me. I ordered it and got it in 2 days. The performance is way more than expected. Tested next to the super expensive model and it blew it away. I can shine the light from the door with the lights on and see everything I need to in the entire room. I am so happy with this light. It is way worth it. You will not be disappointed. Will buy again. Thank you


This is a great UV light! Superbright UV, super NOT bright visible light! This baby REALLY lights up your driver’s license, passport, US and foreign currency (check out UK Pound notes with this!) and surprisingly, your energy-saving LED light bulbs. USB C charging is great. This is an excellent UV light, worth every penny.

Superb tool

I added the UV Beast to my tool kit for mold assessment and find it to be incredibly revealing of things that can't be seen otherwise. Great customer service too!

Love my new uv beast

Up in the keweenaw peninsula of Michigan yooperlite hunting. Best light on the beach.... thanks

Absolutely love

I absolutely love this uv light!!! I've got two of them so far and would like to get a third. They have been so great when it comes to my rock hounding hobby. I've found so many fluorite that turn a bright blue and a bunch of other rocks, that I'm not sure what they are yet. I'd 100% recommend this light to anyone who is interested in purchasing a U.V. light and I have already recommended it to several of my friends. Thank you U.V. Best for all your dedication and hard work for making such a superior U.V. light that works great and the battery life lasts for hours as well. I'm very satisfied.

Moth collecting

We were looking for a moth to photograph for the cover of a Moths of Washington book. The moth is Schinia meadi.

We did not find that moth last week but will continue looking to take a photograph.

Thanks to the light weight UVBeast we can backpack into remote areas not assessable with heavy mercury vapor lights and generators.

Thank you
Fred Austin

Very impressed with its power.

I have yet to take it to the field, but in the collection room functions much better than anticipated. I will be getting the larger versions as well. I wish there was a shortwave version of this light.

Even better than expected

The key is it doesn’t see wet, it sees dried pee extremely well. Doesn’t need to be dark. I have loaned it to several people who have all loved it, even want to get there own. Don’t go cheap, this thing works awesomely for finding where your dogs have either marked or had an accident. Inside or out this is what you need for looking for dog pee!