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Incredible bright. Light gets warm after a few minutes while on No way of reducing output.

Great, compact 365nm UV light!

Great little light that gets the job done! I’ve had another light that wasn’t filtered as this one is, and that was at 395nm, and the difference is night and day. The filter makes the difference and this one is powerful enough to be really effective without having to carry a larger light. Mine is for personal use, primarily with fluorescent, long wave minerals. But, I was also able to use it to see if my pet vacuum had removed all the urine from a couple of spots on the carpet (it did). Easily rechargeable without having to take the battery out. Glad I made the purchase!

Bright little light

I bought the bigger V3’s models to help me apply UV tracer dye for Adam’s Advance Ceramic Graphene coatings. This little guy is bright and useful for finding organic stains. Not so good for ceramic UV coatings, get the 395NM wavelength that matches the dye. The 365NM works ok, but not as revealing. Two different wavelengths for wide range of application.

A UV Beast shipped from the East

This flashlight is extremely well-built; there are no loose components when handling it, except for the batteries (ever so slightly, not even noticeable, and you have to shake it hard too). The flashlight can be taken apart in three separate segments (four if you're using the additional battery compartment). The black lens is made of thick glass, and the button, which turns the flashlight on/off, is firm with a nice rubberized texture covering the mechanical switch; it won't be wearing out anytime soon. Unscrewing the segments feels oh so smooth, and each segment has an O-ring to keep it watertight. I've geeked out so hard over this new toy, and I've also witnessed the extent to which my bathroom is unclean— it shows you the dirty truth. The UV output is so intense, you can literally feel the heat on your skin when pointing it at yourself. The madmen who designed this thing even used some sort of coil on the electrical circuit board. My only critique is that I wish the checkout process had the option to include a third battery. I highly recommend this flashlight; you will be very pleased

My first item had issues, I contacted the company, they immediately shipped me a new, upgraded item. The item and the customer service are outstanding! I’ll definitely use them moving forward, and will recommend them to others.

UV beast is a beast

I’ve used to tell if stones are real or fake, rubys, diamonds but not all will glow I gues 1 in 3 will. Can’t wait until July I’m going up north to hunt yooperlights ect

Perfect name for the product!

This is a beast! It is as if you can not see the light from it all you see is the glowing object 15 feet away. Not just a little glow but the lights are on from inside glow. I have a huge rock collection and went through the cupboard with my best material and was blown away. Sodalite is blue black and white and bright range under the UV beast. Lapis Lazuli and Bertrandite(beryllium opal) are striking! Mammoth tusk and pet. woods also light up. Will be researching to find out what minerals cause these glows! Heading to eastern Oregon in June and will be checking out the night creatures and minerals!! Great product! Nothing i have ever used can compare!!!

Exchanged for new one with better threads, but I sometimes I have to unscrew either end just a little bit for it to go on???

It worked great for about a week and half. Then it would not charge. I need a replacement light. i=When it works it's amazing

On the hunt for yooper lights

I have slowly been buying UV mini’s for each member in my family. We are planning to go and search for Yooper Lights in Upper Michigan. We are so excited to try them out and I have one more to purchase. Wish us luck

Best lamps, best service

UV Beast UV lights are far superior than the average, lesser expensive ones. The customer service is equally superior as well. They answer the phone, listen , and deliver. I highly recommend supporting UV Beast by investing in their products.

Big Power in a Small Package!

Very nicely made light! Very powerful for its size!

Top of the line

I am super impressed with this light and wish I would of purchased sooner

Love this company

This company has always been fair with me always been reasonable and always been awesome their flashlights are the best

Transaction & light all great

This was a gift, so I don't have anything new to say except that phone conversation with UVBeast rep was positive and the flashlight was put in 2-day mail immediately and arrived better than on time. The recipients live in a scorpion area, and so they appreciate the power. Also, they were so surprised to see the truth about their apparently clean walls and other surfaces. The Beast is doing its job.

Best Uv lights on the market!

UVBeast is by far the best lights available! I’ve tried many and none compare to the Beasts! Durable construction, great customer service! Don’t waste you money on other brands. But UvBeast

Absolutely in love with this Uv light it was everything I wanted and more!

Love it!

Best uv light I have purchased. Works well in rooms that have natural light in them. Will be buying more.

Best UVLight on the market!!

The UVBeast is just that… A Beast! By far the best UV lights out there!! Amazing power and range! A must have for the outdoor adventurist. If you’re a rockhound or collect minerals this is a must have!!

Love this

I bought this because I’m a neat freak and my grandson had come over and well boys will be boys didn’t know how to control his urine. Apparently I kept smelling it but couldn’t find it no matter how hard I clean when I shine this black light boy did I find it it was on the wall, needless to say my walls are spotless now and the smell is gone. If you’re a neat freak like me this is a must have warning you will see things you don’t want to see. I also found plenty of dirty urine handprints on my walls just gross.

Great potential not realized

First unit didn’t work at all! Replacement unit worked great! Unfortunately, it crapped out yesterday! One week, used 7 times (less than 30 seconds each time)! Now unit just flashes for a half second and shuts off! Disappointing! Need another replacement! Will see if this company stands by their product or not!