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uv flashlight black light best high power

The original & authentic uvBeast. We're serious about UV!

Specially designed for higher power and long-range UV applications

Adjusted wavelength suited for many domestic & commercial applications. Broader-band and higher flux density UV. Capable under interior/ambient lighting

The need for more power!

uvBeast created the King of UV flashlights. Users got fed up with weaker UV flashlights. They asked for more UV power. So, we got to work, and here it is! With a beast of a UV beam out to over 30 feet in dark conditions, and spraying a flood coverage, there simply isn’t any other contender we’ve come across. It’s a Beast!

The LED industry's dirty little secret

We’ve worked in the industry. We know it well. There’s good practice and then there’s the bad. We don’t deal in a lucrative but bad practice called “factory rejects” or “factory seconds”. What are factory rejects? It’s a thriving market for UV LEDs that didn’t make the grade. Rather than lose the supplier money, many are sold wholesale, at very attractive prices, where no questions are asked. Problem is, that they’re inferior. uvBeast (unlike others) DON’T use factory rejected UV LEDs (aka flaky “factory seconds”)

Our market-leading reputation continues to grow

Since launching our UV flashlight back in 2016 we quickly secured a leading reputation on Amazon US. And we completely sold out! We continue to sell out frequently from excess demand, where take-up by both domestic & commercial users has been unprecedented, to the point where we've become preferred suppliers to well known companies and agencies


I wish I had just bought this from the get go. It does what it claims. Now I have half a dozen inferior UV lights bought previously that I should just probably chuck out

Steve Howell

Best black light flashlight on the market!! Worth every penny! I create glow in the dark paintings and this one will charge them from 30ft away in a flash. Excellent!!


WOW. This sucker lights up what you are searching for like no other black light flashlight I have ever owned! 5 stars! It IS A BEAST


We've supplied to industry & government agencies

Aviation, Transportation, Electronics Manufacturers, Oil & Gas, Criminal Investigations & Forensics, Hospitality, and many more..

We're popular with non-commercial users too!

House cleaning, Scorpion hunters, Cat/Dog urine cleaners, Leak detection, Disc Golfers, Fly Fishing, Caterpillar hunters, Antique appraisal, Fossil hunters, Ghost hunters, Adhesive curing, Currency & ID, Gem identification, and more..